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"For most of my life, I’ve written songs for solo guitar and vocal. Now, for the first time, I have the tools that enable me to express my musical ideas in different styles and for more instruments. And more importantly, I now have a platform to share my songs with you."

Like most of you I felt blue this Solstice 2020  

by Jay Fedigan


Poet Charles Coe contemplates garlic and Angela Bassett 

Bass by Jay Fedigan, produced and mixed by Jay Fedigan


Collaborating with my good friend Dazza Greenwood is a musical dream come true.  His amazing guitar phrases blend beautifully with my instrumental tracks and vocal compositions.  Is a creative avenue that I find truly rewarding. I'll be uploading songs here regularly.


The opportunity to compose using different sounds, styles and venues offers infinite possibilities today.  I'll be uploading new music here and works in progress.






I love soundtracks.  Decades of video production experience have helped me create thoughtful, original music for independent videos and my own productions. I'd like to talk with you about the music for your project.


Experimenting with music and sound effects to create abstract audio stories and pictures has always fascinated me. Intertwining music and sound effects to create sonic stories.


Singing and playing guitar will always be my first musical love.

GarlicCharles Coe
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by Charles Coe

Blue Solstice '20Jay Fedigan
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Blue Solstice '20

by Jay Fedigan

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